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“Walking off a beaten path will open up a world of beautiful possibilities.” — Anonymous I walk by a dead-end road almost every day and have always wanted to explore it. I never did, because I was afraid. I was afraid of the signs: “Dead End, No Parking Beyond This Point.” I was afraid of the barrier that blocked a portion of the road and the sneaking fear I might get in trouble. To be clear, there are no signs saying people are not allowed to walk on the road. There are no “No Trespassing” Signs. There is not even a “Keep Out,” but in my mind, I created one. The other day, I finally did it. In the mildest act of bravery ever, I walked past the guardrail to see what was at the end of the roa


Today was our first epic school blowout. I came head to head with one of our young ones, and it was a several-hour, no-one-is-relenting, knockdown battle. While I never outright screamed, I can admit my voice level was significantly louder and firmer. And no spankings were involved, but the threat of being in their room for the rest of the day, with meals brought up to them, was issued. At the end of a five-minute timer, this child decided to try and change their attitude and finished out the last 30 minutes (Seriously? There is so little left in their day!) in a perfect attitude. They have spent the rest of today frolicking cheerfully about the house. I, on the other hand, feel completely e

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