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The Happy Journal

Today the sun came out, and boy, did I need that. Quarantine is hard; it’s even harder with no sun and weather that traps you inside the house with two barking dogs, three kids who need to distance-learn and your husband. I’ve found myself losing more energy, wanting to sleep more and just feeling blah. Basically, I realized, I was feeling depressed. When I was in college, I went through a big depression. I felt really low and didn’t know how to get out of it. I played briefly with the idea of going to a therapist, but I didn’t know how to even begin. I was desperate for change but didn’t know what to do. I decided to start a “Happy Journal.” My thought process was this: If I could focus on


I find it fitting that the first blog I’m writing after months of not writing is one on self-sabotage. Even more fitting? The fact that as soon as I finished researching this topic, I did not start writing this blog. Instead, I started wrapping presents for my son’s birthday, which is a week away. Never mind the fact that this is my only day to write this week; it was urgent that I wrap presents. Happily, I only did half of the presents, and I’m now sitting at my computer, writing about the very thing I was doing. Self-sabotage. It is something I am very familiar with. I can’t count the number of ways I have done this to myself. Want to focus on writing? You can’t! You must go out and plan a

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