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Creating an Emotionally Healthy Holiday

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time for us to take a pause and do a check-in about how we’re feeling and getting familiar with what we need. This is the time of year that has expectations for your days to be filled with peace, warmth, tradition, and connection. However there are many who will find the holidays to be a major source of stress, pain, misunderstanding and conflict. Calendars get overfilled, budgets get stretched, and compromises over whose family gets which celebration dinner may get heated. If you suffer from anxiety, are grieving a recent loss, or are a highly sensitive person, the holidays may feel like just another thing to endure. This can also be a ve

Pledging Elementary School

My experience with pledging was not anything Lifetime would be interested in, but it was challenging. I remember thinking how terrible it was to be woken up at random hours and sent to do crazy tasks. How there always seemed to be sisters around watching you, and how annoying that was. And, of course, wondering why I had to memorize so many “useful” facts. Pledging was definitely the worst — until I was actually in the sorority and saw pledging from the other side. As a pledge, I got woken up randomly at times; as a sister, I had to be there 20 to 30 minutes before the call was even made. I had to know where pledges were and be on the lookout for them constantly. I had to re-memorize the fac

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