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I have always dealt with mild anxiety. It’s the form in which my shame likes to visit me in the middle of the night. I have talked about it in the past. It is much like in my book: The Awfulizer sets up at the foot of my bed and regales me with all the ways I messed up and all the people I have offended. I have always struggled with it, but as I have been growing in my healing, it had really become manageable. I had developed strategies that helped me to quiet that voice, and they were working. The problem is, I have stopped doing 90 percent of them. And do you know what happened? My anxiety came back … big time. I started two different part-time jobs, which have become pretty consuming (one

But What Does That Say About ME?

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this blog: Stop Making Everything Perfect for Your Child. It basically says you have to let your kid fail, not make the team or be disappointed, because that is the only way they are going to learn anything. First, let me say I agree 100 percent with this article. What it doesn’t mention — and maybe the author doesn’t struggle with it like I do — is how hard it is to watch your kids fail. I am not talking about struggling with peers and social failing, because that is a whole other blog. I am talking as the “I’m a rule follower who wants everyone to like me” parent whose child is not. So when my child doesn’t turn in his homework, I worry the teacher is ju

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