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I have a hard time slowing down and stopping. There always seems to be something more to do, another project to start or something to clean. I used to praise myself for this — or, at the very least, think that this was a positive attribute. I never stopped (get it?) to think about how this could be a defense mechanism and, what’s worse, harmful to me and my kids. We recently moved back into our house after a renovation. Leading up to that move were a lot of smaller moves, which I primarily did on my own. Partly because Matt was on the road and traveling and we had to make a deadline, but mainly because I was too stubborn to wait or ask for help. I started joking that I refused to move one mo

The Awfulizer

I have talked before about The Awfulizer and a bit about the journey that brought me to the story. The book (I have a book, guys!) is about to be released, so I thought I would talk a little bit more about it and the process. I started therapy for shame back in 2016. I decided to go after having a fight (or talk) with Matt. I realized I was falling into some patterns of behavior that I really did not like. I knew from my past that while I am really good at recognizing and naming poor behavior in myself, I was not good at changing those patterns. I knew I needed more than just my late-night epiphanies to make sure I was not only healthy for my family, but for myself as well. A year into not o

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