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Shame and the Body

Some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve experienced clinically have been the result of my clients letting go of shame programing. This may come as a surprise knowing that the majority of my clients come into my clinic with chronic pain, sleeping, and digestive issues. Of course, most of these people, when pressed, admit they have mood issues as well, the majority of them experiencing some level or anxiety or depression. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. We’ve known for a long time that emotions and thoughts drive physiology, or the function of the body. You see, our conscious minds, while creative and adaptive, are completely overpowered by our subconscious mind. Research has sho

Stepmother Heart vs Cinderella Heart

DISCLAIMER: I would like to start by saying this is in no way a reflection of actual stepmothers or their hearts. This is purely Disney and fairy-tale stepmothers only. I know several stepmoms who are amazing, wonderful and inspiring examples of motherhood and womanhood. OK, I feel better now; back to the blog post. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know that my children (and a large majority of humanity, myself included) struggle with having grateful hearts. It might be a sign of the times, or it may just be their age, but nothing seems to be enough. Or worse — someone else has something, has done something or is better. It’s something we as a family are struggling with. I was watch

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