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Bey Blade Burst

Hello everyone. Today I am not blogging about shame or body image, but it does have to do with parenting so I am counting it. My kids are OBSESSED with Bey Blades. They love the show, which is odd but overall has very good sportsmanship themes so I let it go. What they REALLY love though, is to Bey Blade. They love to Bey Blade so much that my oldest now wants to meet with the President because he wants to make Bey Blading a national sport. If the Beys acted like they did in the show I could see that happening, but in reality a Bey is simply a metal top made of three pieces. You launch them and they "attack", "defend" or "endure". You win if your Bey is the last one standing, or spinning as

Body Image

As I stood in the checkout line at the grocery store, I glanced over and read the headline of the nearest magazine. It read “lose 25lbs and look great by Memorial Day.” I laughed to myself. And then quickly, my second thought came; a reminder of how many are going to buy that magazine or start another diet today and the shame and disappointment that often come with that cycle. I laugh as a way to remind my brain to take these messages with some humor, calling them lies and distancing myself from it. It hasn’t always been this way. When I was young, like many of us, I heard negative comments about my body. Some direct, some indirect. All damaging. And then I went to school and encount

No Blog This Week!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know I am in the process of moving and the big day is tomorrow. Sadly that means no new blog this week. I am trying to be respectful of my needs and admit I need sleep and down time. Check back soon though because once I am done moving boxes I will be back.

No heroes: Playdates and Spotlights

I have three kids, and whenever possible, we do playdates. Mainly because it makes my life easier, but at the same time, it’s good for them to socialize. Inevitably during a playdate, a fight of some sort will break out. It normally goes something like this: “Mom! Susie hit me!” my child says, tearful and indignant. Hitting is wrong! “Well, I only hit you because you stole my toy from me!” Susie will reply, also tearful and indignant. Stealing is wrong! “I had to steal it because Susie wouldn’t share!” Still tearful and getting more indignant because it was insinuated that they were in the wrong. Not sharing is more wrong! “I didn’t want to share right now! It’s my toy!” At this point, the p

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