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The Full Wheel

I started yoga in January of last year. I mainly stick to Power Flow, and I really enjoy it. When I started, I couldn’t do most of the moves. I still can’t, but I can do more than I could before. I remember the first time I tried to do a Full Wheel (also known as a Back Bend). I decided to go for it because in my mind, I could see myself doing it. Hands back, feet in position and push up … easy! Well, I got in position and pushed, and literally nothing happened. I lifted off the mat maybe a centimeter and just dropped back down. I didn’t give up, though; I kept going, and eventually I could push enough to get my head up on the mat. I stayed there for a while, and then, one day this past summ

The Illuminator

I’m working on a series of children’s books about shame. In each book, you meet a child who has a shaming experience. Each child lives with this shame and expresses it in a different way. Then an adult in their life steps in and gives them a strategy (or superpower) to deal with that shame. In my original first book, the superpower was the Illuminator. The Illuminator’s power is to dispel the dark cloud or shadow that shame casts over you, by focusing and listing positives about yourself. By doing that, the child casts off the cloud of lies that shame is telling them. I started “illuminating” in college. Around my junior year, I began to feel like the cloud of shame around me was so dark tha

I Hate Parenting Books (and the One I Read Anyway)

I have a confession, I don’t like reading parenting advice. Books, blogs, articles … you name it, I don’t like reading it. Maybe they would make me the perfect parent, but for me, they are a huge shame trigger. I start reading, and it feels like somehow a spotlight turns on me and all I hear is: “You are doing a terrible job raising your kids. You aren’t doing any of these things; you are raising unkind, emotionally stunted, spoiled, out-of-control kids. It is all your fault. You are doing it wrong.” So I stopped. I stopped reading anything about how to be a better parent, a better communicator, whatever. I barely read the titles of the articles, to be 100 percent honest. This is funny beca

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